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For more than 15 years, Chef Logan Scheer has worked his way through dingy bars, crowded kitchen lines, catering catastrophes, dishwasher dysfunctions, watched pans fly across the kitchen from angry executive chefs, had potatoes thrown at his head, and has cleaned out disgusting grease traps with sloppy saucepots. He once worked a kitchen shift that lasted 32 hours. He has lopped off an entire fingernail chopping onions. And he’s burned his hands so many times, he’s not sure even the CIA could track him.

He has also worked in fine dining restaurants, starting in and subsequently leading the teams that make the service excellence you experience so magical.

Sure, Logan received his degree in culinary arts from the Pittsburg Culinary Institute, a Le Cordon Blue affiliate. And he’s a long-time chef instructor at Uncorked Kitchen, Denver's first interactive dining experience, having taught thousands of people in the Denver area the joy of cooking with the ones they love.

He could list all of his accolades, but Logan’s more interested in showing you simple ways to elevate your food, impress your guests and have some fun along the way. He wants you to get excited about the ingredients you use and the meals you make!

Because after all, in the world of food, there’s never a dull moment.

Logan and his wife Megan live in Denver, Colorado. You can find him on Instagram and Twitch as Ingrediology.

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