You Got This! Stuffed Chicken Florentine with Brown Butter Radishes [LiveStream]

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In this virtual class, I will show you how to make Stuffed Chicken Florentine and Brown Butter Radishes from scratch. You'll learn techniques for breaking down a chicken, making chicken stock, how brown butter is made and much more! Included with this class, you'll get: - The full recipe from start to finish - A shopping list so you can cook along with me at home - Personalized instruction from an experienced chef - 2.5 hours of fun in the kitchen For more from me, find me @Ingrediology on Instagram.

Menu detail

Stuffed Chicken Florentine
A chicken breast bursting with that classic combo of spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and creamy ricotta cheese.
Brown Butter Radishes
The best way to serve radishes. Elegant and simple. The radishes lose their characteristic crunch and relax into the texture more akin to a potato. The toastyness (not a word) of the beurre noisette takes this much maligned vegetable to another level!