InstantPot BBQ Ribs [Livestream]

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In this virtual class, I will show you how to make a next-level BBQ rib dinner from scratch using your InstantPot. You'll learn techniques for dry rubbed baby back ribs, some "slap yo momma" greens, and a hatch green chili cornbread! Included with this class, you'll get: - The full recipe from start to finish - A shopping list so you can cook along with me at home - Personalized instruction from an experienced chef - 2 hours of fun in the kitchen For more from me, find me @Ingrediology on Instagram or visit

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InstantPot Baby Back Ribs
To get great ribs you usually need to pay a lot or wait a lot. With these simple but delicious baby back ribs you can have ribs for you and yours in less than 2 hours.
"Slap yo momma!" Collard Greens
Small Plate
Collard greens are my favorite part of BBQ. Not kidding. Which is why I took the time to perfect my recipe. Let me show you how its done.
Hatch Green Chili Cornbread
Small Plate
The true test of a BBQ place in my opinion is how they do the small things. Which is why it is important to have cornbread that is light as air and can stand up to the other bold flavors on the plate. This recipe fits the bill perfectly.


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