Happy Appys! [Livestream]

LivestreamDenver, CO


Do you struggle to host your holiday party and still be a part of it? A hosts job is never done. Let me show you how to make the food side of things a little simpler. The recipes that I'll be showing you in this class are meant to wow your guests with your skill while not making you break a sweat. Included with this class, you'll get: - The full recipes from start to finish - A shopping list so you can cook along with me at home - Personalized instruction from an experienced chef - 3 hours of fun in the kitchen For more from me, find me @Ingrediology on Instagram or visit

Menu detail

Pumpkin Pie Tartlets
Pumpkin Pies....but smaller.
Flakey phyllo dough filled with savory cheese, spinach and garlic.
Beer Cheese Dip
Small Plate
Made in a cast iron skillet. Light biscuit dough surrounds a melty bowl of authentic beer cheese.
Jalapeno Stuffed Mushrooms
All the deliciousness of a jalapeno popper but served up in a mushroom cap. Who knew you could improve on this classic?
Mexican Spiced Sipping Chocolate
Sure cider is great, nog too but have you tried sipping chocolate? It puts swiss miss to shame with a kick of spicy cinnamon. Trust me.