Colo-radical Scotch Eggs

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You know and love the Scotch egg as a brunch favorite. Come learn how to make a variation featuring flavors of smoky green chili and bison. We'll make delicious brunchy love together...except it's Thursday night. No bad time for Scotch eggs IMO though. In this virtual class, I’ll show you how to make a next-level Scotch Egg from scratch. These Q's will be answered: - "What is a jammy egg and how do I make one?" - "How do I even get meat and breading on the outside?" - "What do I need to fry in hot oil at home?" - "Who is this Logan and why is he telling me what to do?" Included with this class, you'll get: - The full recipe from start to finish - A shopping list so you can cook along with me at home - Personalized instruction from an experienced chef - 90mins of fun in the kitchen For more from me, find me @Ingrediology on Instagram or visit

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Scotch Eggs
Small Plate
Green chili and ground bison set this Scotch egg apart.