Los Angeles, CA


My passion is to show people how great tasting meals can also be a powerful force for promoting balance and healing. My dinners and cooking classes draw from decades of training in holistic mind-body sciences including Ayurveda, yoga and Buddhism.

Ayurveda (a Sanskrit word from India that means “science of longevity) is the basis of all my cooking. Following ayurveda principles about “food combining”, “meal timing” and the “six tastes” we can create delicious meals that will cleanse your body and mind and bring a feeling of harmony.

Ayurveda can be highly customized to any individual’s unique needs and circumstance to address a variety of physical and physiological imbalances. I wrote “The Essential Ayurvedic Cookbook” to share these ayurveda secrets to help you slow the aging process, increase energy and calm your mind. I believe giving everyone access to this information will allow them to heal themselves so they can feel better and look great.