Louie Chaivisut(40)
San Francisco, CA


Since completing his culinary degree at Le Condon Bleu, Chef Louie has become a chef at numerous well-known fine dining French and Italian restaurants in the US and at 5-star-hotel restaurants both in the US and in Thailand.

Even though he has spent 12 years devoting his life behind his apron to European cuisine at renowned restaurants, including his very successful co-owned one in the US, at parties with friends and family, he has been always cooking Thai food. This is because Thai cuisine makes him feel a sense of warmth, good health and refinement. Such feeling connotes “love and care” he has for friends and family and wants to express it through his food.

Today, Chef Louie wants to share his “love and care” to those who love experiencing authentic taste of Thai food. This time, he will show his 'love and care' by using a mixture of traditional and modern techniques to represent 'refinement', finest ingredients to represent 'good health' and amazingly creative presentation to represent 'warmth'. Certainly, such elaborate Thai dishes are hardly found outside Thailand.