Simply Thai, 4 courses

In-PersonSan Antonio, Oakland


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Small (4-10 Guests)
Today, Chef Louie wants to share his “love and care” to those who love experiencing authentic taste of Thai food. This time, he will show his "love and care" by using a mixture of traditional and modern techniques to represent "refinement", finest ingredients to represent "good health" and amazingly creative presentation to represent "warmth". Certainly, such elaborate Thai dishes are hardly found outside Thailand.

Menu detail

Chicken and Quinoa Larb
Larb is a minced meat salad. This punchy little dish contains all the components of a nutritious and balanced meal.
Shrimp & Glass Noodles Bowl (Goong Ob Woonsen)
This is something people always order whenever they go to a seafood restaurant in Thailand. Glass noodles and shrimp are cooked together with lots of ginger, garlic and pepper. Make this dish more interesting with some smoky bacon. Served with THAI seafood sauce.
Shrimp Paste Fried Rice w/ Savory Pork (Khao Kluk Kapi)
Shrimp Paste Fried Rice is very definitely a Traditional Thai. It is something of an acquired taste, combines all the core ingredients, shrimp paste, mango, fresh chili peppers, lime and shallots, into one dish. The rice is mixed with shrimp paste and dressed with slice omelette, Additional lime juice enhances the sourness. Contrasting the flavor of shrimp paste, the rice is eaten with savory pork.
Purple Yam Tapioca in Coconut Milk (Bua Loy)


Singha Thai Beer

Simply Thai, 4 courses

In-PersonSan Antonio, Oakland
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