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Luca Manderino

Los Angeles, CA


my name is Luca i was born and raised in Venice Italy and have been in the kitchen of my parents restaurants as long as i can remember, i moved to America over twenty years ago and for about nine years i completely changed my work life and became a professional pilot but my passion for food, life and people brought me back to my true love, cooking.
I prepare traditional Venetian cuisine which is very similar and very close to Japanese cuisine for the purity of the dishes and the focus on the product; i enjoy to bring people together through food, there is nothing more beautiful than the sight of happiness and lighted heart at the dinner table when all the 'heavy thoughts' of a working day come to an end for sometime and they are soften by the senses.
I travel back home very often to see family and friends and always to taste and remember my origins.
Come and see me to share my passion and enjoy few hours at the dinner table.
Grazie ed a presto