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New York, NY, USA


I'm originally from Boston and have been living in NYC since 2001. I grew up on canned vegetables, brown bread from a can (if you're not familiar with what that is, consider yourself lucky! ;-)....'fruit cocktail from a can, Swanson TV dinners, deviled ham sandwiches, and the like. In other words, NOT gourmet.

In my early 20s however my horizons began to expand cuisine-wise, and I decided one day to pick up a Gourmet magazine at the supermarket checkout. Once I began trying out these elaborate recipes, I never looked back!

I love cooking for other people, throwing parties, etc. I never refer to myself as a 'chef'. Yes, I consider myself a good cook, but rather than focus on my meals being 'high cuisine', I simply want them to be delicious, and visually appealing (but not too 'perfect'). My focus is more on creating a warm, relaxing environment where everyone feels personally welcomed, and included in the conversation.... and 'yes', where at the end of the event, all can agree that they enjoyed some delicious food and drink.

You can get a sense of my hostessing prowess, and prior events I've hosted, here: