Vegan Delight Dinner (1 SEAT REMAINS)

Astoria, New York


Intimate (2-4 Guests)
AS OF NOVEMBER 9, THERE IS ONE SEAT AVAILABLE FOR THIS EVENT. PLEASE IGNORE ANY INDICATION ON THIS SITE THAT 2 SEATS MIGHT STILL BE AVAILABLE. THAT IS NOT CORRECT. THANK YOU! Events are located in my Third-Floor Walkup apartment (no elevator). Note that I have two cats and am very particular about keeping my home clean. I ask that guests not interact with the cats during the meal, in order to ensure no food contamination. If however you are severely allergic to cats, it is probably best if you do not attend my events as a precaution. This dinner will have six diners at most, including myself. Confirmed attendees are: a woman from Kuala Lumpur who's visited the US three times prior, but has never been to NYC! ...three women from NYC (one of whom is originally from China)...and a man from NYC who enjoys salsa dancing, rock climbing, hiking and snowboarding. !

Menu detail

Garden Pea Soup (for Vegan dinners) and Cream of Carrot Soup (for Vegetarian dinners)
For my Vegan dinners I will serve Garden Pea Soup. For my Vegetarian dinners I will serve Cream of Carrot Soup.
Slices of Orange with Homemade Tapenade and Fennel Seed
Small Plate
Brown Rice Stir-fry with Tofu, Kale, Cooked Egg Strips (not include for Vegan dinner), Cilantro and Lime Juice
This is a really delicious, super healthy dish made with Japonica Rice, cubed tofu, kale, fresh cilantro, cooked egg strips (NOT included in Vegan dinner menus), fresh lime juice, tamari (gluten-free, low-sodium soy sauce), fresh ginger and garlic.
Dessert (what I offer will vary depending on time of year)
For my Vegan dinners I will offer a Macerated Fruit Salad or else a Sorbet. For my Vegetarian dinners, dessert depends on the time of year. In the Summer I will offer a fruit-based dessert. In the colder months I will offer either a Homemade Pudding (Chocolate or Butterscotch) with Fresh Whipped Cream, or else Warm Poached Pear with Homemade Fudge Sauce over Vanilla Ice Cream.

Vegan Delight Dinner (1 SEAT REMAINS)

Astoria, New York
(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)