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Los Angeles, CA


MAGO was born from a genuine passion & love for all that is food & wine. Our vision is to provide a more intimate connection to food & wine for our guests, outside of a restaurant setting. In the fast paced world of restaurants we have seen the 'experience' of food & wine diminish. A connection to what we eat & drink, lost. We allow our guests the opportunity to engage and break bread with their winemakers, chefs and farmers to connect on a deeper level to their food & wine. We give our chefs, vintners and growers a platform to share their story with us at the table.

We support farmers, winemakers and artisans who are practicing responsibly whether that be on the farm, in the vineyard, the cellar or kitchen. We think of ourselves as stewards of a philosophy & movement that is focused primarily on the re-education of food & wine.

We host collaborative dinner events based here in LA or on a local farm or vineyard. We partner with a chef, farmer and winemaker to create an educational dining experience for our guests.