MakerU for Current Makers: How to Build a Thriving Subscriptions Business

LivestreamSanta Monica, CA


Are you a creator looking for smarter ways to monetize your audience? Are you tired of living brand deal to brand deal, with no predictability around your earnings? Are you seeking more stable income you can count on? You need MakerU! We're setting you up for success to build a steady revenue stream doing something you love, and that your audience wants more of. This is our most requested course -- and it's now available to you! This session is SPECIFICALLY for Makers who are already on the platform and have some low-hanging opportunity to crank up their success. We reach over 300M+ monthly viewers and know what it takes to entice an audience. Limited spots available for existing Makers only, or apply at for a chance to be selected for a FREE spot in a future course. If you're looking to build a subscriptions business that transforms the way you make money, this is for you.