Classic Cocktails That Will Elevate Your Bartending Game

LivestreamSan Francisco, CA


During this fun and interactive experience, you'll learn the seven classic cocktail recipes that provide a foundation for creativity and innovation in professional and home mixology. If you understand the structure of these cocktails you will be able to design your own tasty and balanced drinks with ingredients you have on hand. We will walk you through mixology secrets, share professional techniques, and the latest trends in the world of mixed drinks. Enthusiasts, beginners, and experienced bartenders are welcomed. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves!

Menu detail

The Daisy
2 oz. base spirit (tequila) 1 oz. sour (lime) 0.75 oz. orange liqueur (cointreau) 0.25 oz. sweetening agent (agave) Shake - serve up or on the rocks - lime wheel garnish.
The Martini
2 oz. base spirit (gin) 0.5 oz. vermouth (dry) 2 dashes of bitters (orange) Stir - strain into a chilled martini glass - lemon twist garnish.
Negroni 3-2-1
1 oz. base spirit (gin) 0.5 oz. vermouth (sweet) 0.25 oz. amaro (campari) Add all ingredients into an Old Fashioned glass - stir - garnish with orange twist. We will send you a PDF with more detailed preperation guidelines. Looking forward to meeting you!