Shrubs: The Secret to Amazing Cocktails.

LivestreamSan Francisco, CA


Picture this: it’s 15th century England, and you’re sick with scurvy after traveling by sea for several months. You visit the doctor for treatment, and he prescribes you something called shrub, a drinkable, fruit-infused vinegar. You guessed it: that shrub medicine from 15th century England is the same shrub taking bars and restaurants by storm today. Although shrubs seem to be a hot new drink trend, there’s quite a bit of history behind this modernized, healthy drink mix! Shrubs also make a great way to diversify your home bar. Or just keep one or two of those in your fridge to easily mix a drink for any occasion. Shrubs are great addition for cocktails or you can just top it with soda water and have a great thirst quencher.