Fizzy & Frothy Cocktails, Hands Down Delicious.

LivestreamSan Francisco, CA


Texture is one of the most important components of cocktail creation. One of the reasons we shake cocktails is to achieve a smooth silkiness. We can go even further and add an egg white to create an extra layer of frothiness.  
 During this class we will dive into details on how to work with egg whites if you have chosen this route.  But what if you might want to omit the egg? There is a solution for you as well without any compromises and we will discuss this option too. 
 Now let’s have even more fun by adding bubbles and seasonal ingredients into your frothy treat and make a fizzy cocktail! Join our conversation about fizzy and frothy drinks to take your cocktail experience to the next level! Cheers and see you soon! DiDi, Katya and Yana


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