Casa Maestoso World Tour: A Taste of Casa Maestoso

Venice, Venice


Pop-up space
Available for purchase,BYOW
Banquet (20+ Guests)
Casa Maestoso is a Rome-based restaurant and traveling supperclub, whose adventures started in NYC and after its success flew over to Rome, Italy and is now back in the United States road-tripping and popping up around Cali. Come have dinner with Marco & Dalila and check out our Bio to learn more about us! This menù is inspired by our home town, Rome, featuring both land and sea, showcasing our traditional dishes with a modern twist, Casa Maestoso style.

Menu detail

Majestic Meatballs
Did you know that Majestic translates to Maestoso in Italian? We will be serving 3 meatballs that embrace 3 of the most traditional Roman delicacies.
The Drunken Octopus
How do you get an octopus drunk? Slow cook it in good Italian red wine for 16 hours. Served with organic farm veggies.
Amatriciana di Casa Maestoso
The original recipe, the right ingredients and the authentic taste with a whole new look. (award winner in Amatrice)
Coda alla Vaccinara
Oxtail, cocoa and blueberries. Yes, they work.
We had a menu contest on our social media asking Italians what dessert they would serve in a foreign country. Tiramisù killed it.

Casa Maestoso World Tour: A Taste of Casa Maestoso

Venice, Venice
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