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Los Angeles, CA


I'm a Southern California native who first felt the true meaning of passion by watching my Grandmother work her magic in the kitchen. The passion I've had for culinary arts and connecting people through sharing and experiencing my recipes initially inspired me to work in some of California's most welcoming and highly rated restaurants. Life happened, as it often does, and I moved to New York City and worked in the corporate world which taught me a ton professionally but hardly fed my spirit. I would host dinner parties for friends and colleagues as a creative outlet all the while starving for this to be my 9-5. It wasn't until a few years ago that I decided to step away from the world of Finance and pursue that same passion. I founded 'Dinner with Friends,' which affords me the pleasure of serving as a private chef while also hosting intimate dinner parties. The California girl found her way home and hasn't looked back. My cuisine focuses on locally sourced, seasonal ingredients while infusing bold flavors from my Latin heritage. The end result being vibrant, flavorful dishes served fresh, clean, and always shared openly with friends.