A Harry Potter themed Christmas Dinner

In-PersonMission, San Francisco


Pop-up space
Banquet (20+ Guests)
Slytherin for some magical treats this holiday season! With this meal I wanted to take you on a visual and culinary ride into the world of Harry Potter. The feast will consist of all of the foods that Harry and his friends indulged in every Christmas in the Great Hall at Hogwarts, like roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, spotted dick, and butterbeer! All of my wizards will be assigned their house upon purchase of the dining ticket. Seating will be based on your house. Not to worry, you'll be seated with your friends.. unless you dare to let fate choose for you.

Menu detail

Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding
Traditionally in the world of Harry Potter, Roast beef is served with Yorkshire pudding and gravy. Yorkshire pudding is a beautiful biscuit like side served with your roast beef.
Mashed Tayto's
Small Plate
Traditional mashed potatoes with a bit of a kick.
Lollipop Drumsticks
Slow roasted Lollipop drumsticks topped with a garlic parsley dressing.
Corn on the Cob
Small Plate
Corn for munching!
Spotted Dick
Spotted dick is a British pudding, made with suet and dried fruit served with custard.
Chocolate Cake
A decadent fudge cake to die for.
Butter Beer
The one and only BUTTER BEER! A very popular beverage in Hogwarts. A non-alcoholic butterscotch beer.

A Harry Potter themed Christmas Dinner

In-PersonMission, San Francisco
(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)