Cuisine of Chihuahua, Mexico

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For centuries, the people who have traveled and lived in the sweeping lands of Chihuahua, Mexico have shaped the region's rich culinary tradition. Natives, Mexican cowboys, and revolutionaries survived on staples such as dried corn, dried chile, and grass-fed beef. Inspired by the culinary roots passed down to me by my family, I shared this food with my partner, talented chef, Sean. Together, we created a Mexican inspired menu using Chihuahuan staples and fresh Pacific Northwest ingredients.

Menu detail

Chacales - Dried corn soup
Small Plate
The corn used for this soup is sourced from northern Mexico, where it's traditionally consumed during Lent season. After harvesting the corn, it is cooked and set out to dry under the sun. Once dried, it is ground into a pebbled consistency. The corn is rehydrated with a thick spice-infused tomato broth and finished with aged Mexican farm cheese and fresh cilantro.
Small Plate
We use the local Three Sisters Nixtamal corn masa to make these Gorditas, Gorditas means "pudgy" and refers to the handmade corn patties that are fried and filled with sun dried green chile from the Chihuahua desert, zucchini, Mexican farm cheese, and pinto beans.
Hanger steak, green chile crema, tomatillos
Cast Iron cooked Hanger rubbed with red Hatch chile, served over a mild green chile cream sauce and topped with local purple tomatillos and greens. Drizzled with Hatch chile oil
Mennonite Cheese plate
Sourced from the Mennonite community in Northern Mexico, Mennonite cheese is a semi-soft cow cheese with a mild and buttery flavor. Served with local fruits, jam, and pine nuts


Rio Grande Valley - Tempranillo
Rio Grande Valley - White

Cuisine of Chihuahua, Mexico

In-PersonInner Southeast, Portland
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