MÄGO- first week of autumn

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco


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MÄGO is a new concept from Chef Mark Liberman, offering unique Northern Californian cuisine that is focused without fuss, relaxed fine dining. Dishes celebrate our proximity to nature, from the mountains to the ocean, local seasonal produce, sustainably raised meats and fish. MÄGO is all about people, hospitality and food; each week of the year broken down to its own season.

Menu detail

A variety of olives are warmed through with garlic confit, grapes, chilies and fennel seed.
Brassica and clam tart
Buckwheat tart filled with a broccoli & braised mustard green custard, finished with raw clams, seaweed and broccoli stem
Raw zucchini with pistachio
A variety of summer squashes are served with puree made from grilled zucchini and pistachio oil. They are finished with a warm drizzle of pistachio oil, lime and fish sauce.
Heirloom tomato pie
Loosely based on a dish popular in Philadelphia (where my wife is from) Focaccia style dough is made and topped with a variety of grilled and smoked tomatoes.
Tomatoes, blackberries and sunflower seed butter
Small Plate
A variety of tomatoes are dressed with crushed blackberries and herbs. They are sitting on warm sunflower seed butter and the dish is topped with sunflower seed flowers that are lightly dressed with black tea.
Porridge of summer beans and rock cod
Small Plate
Shelling beans and peas are cooked separately and brought together with avocado and grilled purslane. Broth is poured over table side made from bean cooking liquid, grilled cod bones, soy, lemon verbena leaves and lemon.
Grilled lamb with plums and peppers
Leg of lamb and shoulder are slowly cooked on a grill. They are finished with a sauce made from lamb bones, plum juice, wild flowers, cumin seed, fenugreek and coriander. The dish is served with stuffed red peppers, plum puree and lightly fermented plum pieces.
Apples with poppyseed and sunchoke milk
Early autumn apples are layered with a paste made from poppyseeds, orange and honey. The apples are baked and served on a sauce made from sunchokes, milk and lemon thyme oil.


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MÄGO- first week of autumn

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco
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