Mägo Garden Dinner ft. Blue Egg and Feral Heart Farms

In-PersonJack London Square, Oakland


Available for purchase
Large (15-20 Guests)
Local, Organic, Vegetarian
MÄGO is a new concept from Chef Mark Liberman, offering unique Northern Californian cuisine that is focused without fuss, relaxed fine dining. Dishes celebrate our proximity to nature, from the mountains to the ocean, local seasonal produce, sustainably raised meats and fish. MÄGO is all about people, hospitality and food; each week of the year broken down to its own season. For this dinner, we'll be collaborating with Blue Egg and Feral Heart, two local farms.

Menu detail

A variety of olives are warmed through with garlic confit, grapes, chilies and fennel seed.
Seaweed Toast
Whole wheat sourdough bread is infused with dried seaweed. It is served with warm seaweed bagna cauda (butter, toasted garlic, seaweeds)
Japanese sweet potato and bay leaf
Roasted and pickled sweet potato, served with an emulsion of bay leaf, parsley and burnt onion.
Potato darphin, nozaki cabbage and local bleu cheese
Crispy potato "latke" with a marmalade of cabbage, apples and cider vinegar. The dish is finished a sheet of dehydrated cabbage that is smeared with local bleu cheese and fresh dill.
Winter citrus and kale
Small Plate
A variety of citrus segments (kumquats, grapefruits, oranges, mandarin) are served in a chilled broth of kale. The dish is finished with an oil made from citrus skin and habanero chilies.
Cauliflower roasted with pine, wild mushroom pan sauce
A variety of cauliflower heads are roasted with slowly with butter and douglas fir branches and garlic. They are sliced and served with a sauce made from pan drippings, wild mushrooms, horseradish and cider vinegar.
Turnips and asian pear with heirloom rice grits, lemongrass
Small Plate
A variety of turnips are chopped fine and lightly cooked in water and butter. They are mixed with grated asian pear at the last minute. The grits are cooked with vegetable stock and finished with a pesto of turnips tops and sesame oil. A hot broth is poured over the dish made from smoked almond milk, lemongrass and vinegar and topped with a mixture of sesame seeds, caraway and fennel.
The Whole Musque De Provence Pumpkin
Pumpkin is slow roasted and glazed with a barbecue sauce made from pumpkin seeds, sherry, butter, maple, white pepper, pumpkin puree and miso. The pumpkin guts are laco fermented and mixed with chanterelles and sage. The dish is dusted with a powder of burnt pumpkin skin.
Chestnuts, rosemary and dried fruits
Warm chestnut cake is topped with raisins, currants, walnuts and orange zest. It is served with a warm chestnut puree and a chilled rosemary cream.


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Mägo Garden Dinner ft. Blue Egg and Feral Heart Farms

In-PersonJack London Square, Oakland
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