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Marvin MaldonadoNEW MAKER!

Sacramento, CA


FEDERALIST is the West Coast’s premiere shipping container restaurant with communal tables featuring wood-fired pizza, local craft beer & bocce.

Marvin Maldonado and wife Bridgette opened their restaurant in 2014 in an alley in the heart of Sacramento's bustling Midtown. Marvin, an architect by profession, builds and designs his Neopolitan pizzas like his does his high end homes and buildings, he starts with a solid foundation, the dough. From the coveted sourdough base, to the organic and hand crafted toppings, the Federalist signature pizzas and menu speak volumes to what his family is about, what he wants his customers to enjoy and how a neapolitan pizza should be represented... all the while remembering, it's just pizza, it's not rocket science.