San Francisco, CA


Hi, I’m Chef Matt Brown! Born and raised in sunny Southern California, where I grew up gardening and cooking with my family. My mom, who is 100% Portuguese, ignited my passion for cooking at a young age. She taught me how to grow and cook my own vegetables long before “Farm-to-Table” was the next big thing. I raise four beautiful hens and have a booming garden in my yard in the East Bay. I moved to San Francisco for culinary school in 2003 and fell hard for the City and its diverse and vibrant culinary scene. I’ve been involved in many different aspects of the Bay Area food industry and never stop experimenting and being inspired to share my own culinary vision with others.

The best way to describe my style of cooking is Californian, in that I love taking my favorite flavor profiles from regions around the globe and tweaking them to be healthier, lighter, and more fun. I’m currently on a Moroccan and Mediterranean kick. I love the warm spices of North Africa blended with the clean simple flavors found throughout Greece and Italy. While I may be an omnivore, I am a gardener at heart and I love making vegetables the star of my dishes, and always offer unique vegetarian and plant-based options for my meals.

I’ve always been fascinated by the magical way that food and drink can bring people together in an intimate way. I want nothing more than to bring joy, inspiration, and positivity to my diners. Come join me for a fun, comfortable, and uplifting experience!