Autumn Garden Feast

Foxridge, Orange Park


Large (15-20 Guests)
vegetarian, french
Its vegetarian. Celebrates fall, and the only animal protein comes from salmon! The cold is coming and its the perfect time for more robust, comforting, flavors that are found in winter vegetables. The meal is fruit and Vegetable centric but by no means boring, each course will follow the transition of the season, from the end of Summer, through the Fall, and the brink of Winter, which prepares you for the cold ahead with the comfort of Tarte Tatin (

Menu detail

Crudo Carpaccio
Small Plate
Vegetables, herbs, olive oil, sea salt, strawberry coulis
Sweet and Sour Garden Vegetables
Small Plate
Winter vegetables, sweet potatoes, walnuts, lettuce, lemon honey vinagrette
Carrot Onion Soup
Small Plate
Caramelized carrots, onions, cream, dill
Salmon on Grilled Ratatouille
Seared Salmon, Rataouille Vegetables grilled, red apple glaze, olive oil, herbs de provence
Tarte Tatin
Upside Down Apple Tarte, light herb mousse, toasted walnuts

Autumn Garden Feast

Foxridge, Orange Park
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