Somewhere in a french farmhouse

Foxridge, Orange Park


Large (15-20 Guests)
This meal is inspired by the trips to Europe I've been fortunate enough to take over the last few years. I fell in love with the rustic nature of the meals I had in Spain and Andorra. They were hearty, homemade, and exquisitely comfortable without the need to put on airs. I wanted to capture that simplicity into this meal, bringing French classics that had their origins in the countryside. The dishes that fed farmers, and shepherds, that produced ingredients used in high gastronomy.

Menu detail

Potatoes Anna
Small Plate
Potatoes / butter/ thyme/ coarse sea salt
Small Plate
Zucchini/ Squash/ Eggplant/ Onions/ Wine/ Cheese
Coq Au Vin 2.0
Chicken Red Wine/ Potatoes/ Carrots/ Butter/ Herbs de Provence / Onions /
Pork and Beet Terrine
Small Plate
Red beets/ Bacon/ Walnuts/ Thyme/ Pork
Tarte Tatin
Vanilla ice Cream / Butter Roasted Apples/ Bourbon

Somewhere in a french farmhouse

Foxridge, Orange Park
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