Indian Street Food - Vegetarian

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco


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Banquet (20+ Guests)
This meal is sold out. We are repeating this menu on Aug 19th. Please click this link to reserve seats. Everyone loves fine-dining but street food has its own place in everyone's heart. With this menu, come join us for an experience of Street Food from selected Indian States, in a Fine Dining set-up.

Menu detail

One of the most loved street food from Karnataka/Mangalore/Udupi regions. Some places call it Charmuri and others churmuri. This mouth-watering snack is prepared mixing puffed rice, raw mango, carrots, onion, spices, cilantro garnish,and served immediately. Mild to Medium spice. Can customize spice level for the spicy food lovers.
Sugarcane Juice
Fresh sugarcanes are squeezed to extract juice with a dash of ginger. Naturally sweet so no additives or added sweeteners. Only pure sugarcane juice and a true nature's gift.
Beach Sundal
Small Plate
In Tamilnadu, its often called "Thenga(fresh coconut), Manga(raw mango), pattani (peas) Sundal. You walk in any beach in Tamilnadu, food stall carrying this dish will tempt you to snack on them. This protein packed, spicy, tangy dish will leave you craving for more...
Pav-Bhaji Fondue
Pav - Portuguese call their small dinner rolls Pao and we got this wonderful bread from them. Bhaji is mixed vegetables cooked in aromatic spices and garnished with cheese. This Pav-Bhaji is a popular street food in Mumbai and other North Indian regions. Balance of Carb and vegetables makes this a staple street food. This will be served in individual fondues.
Unni means small. Appam means rice cake. These small appams a festive deep fried (in coconut oil) dessert from Kerala and a street snack is prepared from rice, jaggery, ghee and flavored with sesame seeds. These small round spheres are such a treat to just gobble up.


Madras Filter Coffe
Masala Chai
Home-made Idli/Dosa batter

Indian Street Food - Vegetarian

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco
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