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Mei Ling Hui

SoMa, San Francisco, CA, USA


I have a degree in Ecological Agriculture and have been lucky to put those skills to work in policy to support urban farming in San Francisco. Our program studies provided opportunities to spend every weekend over the course of a year on a different farm or homestead project. The farmers would always gift us boxes and boxes of fresh produce to take home. We were given so much produce that learning how to ferment pickles and make fruit preserves became a big priority, to ensure the beautiful fruits and vegetables that they gave to us could all be enjoyed and that there would be no waste. With help from the USDA guide sheets and the Center for Home Food Preservation, I was able to learn the basics of canning and fermenting. I've always been fascinating by the science of cooking and love perfecting fussy or particular items- especially when baking breads (bagels, pretzels) and making egg-based dishes (soufflés, custards). Last year I became a certified Master Food Preserver through the Cooperative Extension, which has been a ton of fun. I've expanded my repertoire greatly with that training, branching out more into cultured dairy, such as yogurt and bloomy white rind cheese. I've sold preserves for fundraising for my friends' local nonprofits and am recipe testing for my own food business, which I hope to open in the next year. I'm excited for the opportunity to work through this platform!