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Mei N(56)
New York, NY


I started cooking for a simple reason -- because I couldn’t find anything I like that I grew up eating in China. Fifteen years ago when I first moved to the Seattle area from southern China, I missed Chinese food so much and went to a local Chinese restaurant ordered a chicken chow mein. What the waitress put on my table was a plate of diced chicken with mixed vegetables. I asked , “Where are the noodles?” The waitress pointed to a bowl of fried wheat sticks on the side. I wondered how they could call this dish chow mein, but the waitress said that this was the way they always cooked. I later learned that chow mein in the US was not the chow mein I knew of, and that lo mein was also different from the traditional lo mein dish I grew up with in southern China.

To satisfy my own appetite, I started cooking seriously. In the beginning when I craved a dish I would have to call my grandma and mom, asking them how they cooked it. Then I tried to find the ingredients and made the dish. After years of practices, I am proud of myself that not only I can satisfy my own craving, but also make people around me love my cooking.

Over the years, my love of travel also inspired me to integrate my ethnic food with the world. It heavily influences my cooking style with all kinds of surprises. Besides cooking, I am a wine enthusiast with the WSET Level 2 Certificate and a tea lover with quite a collection of tea wares. Lastly, I am an avid yogini of Bikram yoga.

* Here is a media review of one of my feasts: Feastly: Dinner with Strangers is not Stranger