“President Xi Set Meal” — What the Chinese President is Having for Dinner

In-Person Reston, Reston


Small (4-10 Guests)
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As we all know food is not just making us not hungry. It is social, and can be political too. When Chinese President Xi treated Lien Chan, honorary Chairman of the Kuomingtang from Taiwan, to dishes of their shared hometown at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, the Cross-Strait relations sounded more nostalgic than complicating. Two China or One China? One China or One Taiwan? shouldn’t be that matter. We like the same kind of food matters. Luckily not just Mr. Lien shared the same hometown - Xi’an, Shaanxi province with Presdient Xi, part of my family is from the same area too. I don’t know any of the political significance of this fact, but I do know what the President Xi likes if he hasn’t changed his taste that much after he lives in Zhongnanhai, Beijing for awhile. This menu features dishes from the meal President Xi and the Chairman Lien had in 2013. It is flavorful and hearty with an attitude. Please join me for the five-course meal. I promise we can leave the politics behind just focus on the food.

Menu detail

Lotus Root Salad 炝拌莲菜
First Course
Sliced lotus root and red chili pepper silvers with a home-made Sichuan peppercorn & sesame oil vinaigrette
Red Cabbage, Sweet Onion and Wood-Ear Mushroom Salad 紫卷心菜拌木耳洋葱
First Course
A salad I don’t mind having it everyday. The wood-ear mushroom in this salad is from the deep forest in Northeast China
Liang Pi - “Cold Skin” Noodles 凉皮
Second Course
A specialty dish originated from Shaanxi province. The noodles will be made from scratch and tossed with soy bean sprout, cucumber and home-made sauce
Lamb Paomo — Home-made Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup 羊肉泡馍
Second Course
A typical food eaten in Xi’an: home-made flatbread broken into bits boiled with lamb broth. Before noodles were cut into strips this was considered the earliest version of noodles
Sweet Rice Cake 烤年糕
Third Course
A Chinese style Brownie made with sweet rice flour, nuts and dry fruit

“President Xi Set Meal” — What the Chinese President is Having for Dinner

In-Person Reston, Reston
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