Barkada PDX: Portland Dining Month

In-PersonInner Southeast, Portland


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Portland Dining Month Filipino style! Filipino food is the buzzword. Kamayan! Sisig! This PDM menu includes the Filipino greatest hits sweeping the culinary world. Normally 3 courses, but I am giving you more bang for your buck with 6 unique dishes! Join me as I put my modern take on cuisine from the Philippines! Use code RESOLUTION15 for $15 off. Music will be provided by Mr. Jon Amado ( **Menu is subject to change** **Substitutions politely declined**

Menu detail

Kamayan Style Pork Trio
Three Filipino pork favorites served Kamayan, a traditional Filipino way of eating with your hands. - Pork and Vegetable Lumpia*: Stir fried ground pork and vegetable eggroll, "That Sweet Hotness" honey habanero sauce - Pork Belly Sisig: Triple cooked crispy pork belly tossed with soy sauce and calamansi juice with saffron aioli and served in a lettuce cup - BBQ Pork skewer*: Pork shoulder marinated in Jufran-Pok Pok Som Ginger beer BBQ sauce, grilled, served with pickled papaya *As seen on TV!
Nilaga Cabbage Roll with Roasted Bone Marrow Gremolata
Small Plate
Nilaga, a beef and cabbage soup, is a comfort food beef soup of the Philippines. My updated version is a 6 hour braised brisket and lemon zested rice wrapped in cabbage leaves, served with beef bone broth, and a roasted bone marrow gremolata
Chicken Adobo and Chef's Signature Green Rice
The national dish of the Philippines! Chicken thigh braised in soy sauce, vinegar, and a unique blend of spices, served with Chef Melvin’s signature green herb rice*, and winter slaw with a creamy calamansi dressing. *Green rice as seen on TV! KATU Afternoon Live.


Calamansi Juice (one)
Bottomless Calamansi Juice
"Bye and Fry" take home frozen Lumpia (Dozen)

Barkada PDX: Portland Dining Month

In-PersonInner Southeast, Portland
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