BarkadaPDX: Filipino Brunch

Inner Southeast, Portland


Pop-up space
Available for purchase
Banquet (20+ Guests)
brunch, asian, filipino
Wake up with Chef Melvin to the smells and tastes of a delicious Filipino Brunch. Brunch is an important family tradition in the Filipino culture.Big family brunches mean family is visiting and that means an army of mom, lolas, and aunties cooking. Enjoy the flavors of a big family Filipino brunch with Melvin harnessing the power, spirit, and love of his beloved matriarchal family figures. Oh! And bottomless mimosa add on! (+$15) **Menu subject to Change** **Substitutions politely declined**

Menu detail

Eggs Benedicto
Small Plate
A Filipino combination of Longanisa and classic Eggs Benedict. Plus, Benedicto is such a Filipino name. St. Barbra Bakery Pandesal (Filipino bread roll) topped with homemade Filipino sweet longanisa pork sausage, dashi poached egg, and calamansi hollandaise sauce
Arroz Caldo
Small Plate
The pinnacle Filipino brunch dish! Ginger rice porridge topped with fried chicken skin, hard boiled eggs, and citrus pickled onions.
Orange Chicken and Ube Waffles
An iconic southern brunch dish reimagined with Filipino and Asian flavors! Five spice crispy fried chicken thigh with an ube mochiko waffle and drizzled with Orange Gran Marnier syrup.


Bottomless Calamansi Juice
Calamansi mimosa (one)
Bottomless Calamansi Mimosas

BarkadaPDX: Filipino Brunch

Inner Southeast, Portland
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