Filipino + Saké Dinner

In-PersonInner Southeast, Portland


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Banquet (20+ Guests)
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I am honored to be joined by famed local saké sommelier and retailer, Namazake Paul. He has curated 4 sakés to accompany my Filipino cuisine. We share the same vision of expanding the profile of our passions- saké and Filipino food. We are joining forces to show Filipino food can be considered an upscale cuisine that can be paired with the finest sakés. Saké pairings included! Additional Saké available for purchase. Music by Jon Amado *Menu subject to availability. Substitutions politely declined*

Menu detail

Welcome Saké Pour
Kirin-zan Classic Futsu-shu
Lumpia Ensalada
Family recipe eggrolls made with stir-fried pork, onions, carrots, and celery, then drizzled with "That Sweet Hotness" honey-habanero sauce. Accompanied with a mixed greens and orzo salad with soy-calamansi dressing.
Saké: Lumpia Course
Dewatsuru Kimoto Junmai
Sinigang na Isda
The national soup of the Philippines. Fresh caught local fish, garlic roasted cherry tomatoes, baby bok choy, in a tangy tamarind broth.
Saké: Soup Course
Inemankai Junmai Nama Genshu "Full Bloom"
Duck Confit Pancit
Duck leg cured in SE Asian spices, then confit in rendered duck fat then topped with preserved lemon sauce. Served with pancit bihon- duck broth sauteéd rice vermicelli noodles and duck fat stir-fried vegetables.
Saké: Pancit Course
Shiokawa Cowboy Yamahai Junmai
Halo Halo Rice Pudding
Sweet rice pudding topped with leche flan, ube, lychee, yellow jack fruit, and assorted fruit jellies.


"Bye and Fry" Take Home Lumpia (Dozen)

Filipino + Saké Dinner

In-PersonInner Southeast, Portland
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