Kosher....ish (Chinese-Jewish Food)

In-PersonCentral Eastside, Portland


Pop-up space
Banquet (20+ Guests)
jewish, chinese
Inspired by David's childhood Christmas feasts we are putting together a fun menu of hybrid Chinese-Jewish dishes. Drawing from traditionally Jewish foods and classical Chinese-American dishes, this menu will be unique and exciting. All dishes will be served family style and there may be some surprise dishes as well! 10% of sales will benefit the Anti-Defamation League

Menu detail

Rabbi Belzer's Cold-Hot Noodles
Small Plate
wheat noodles, schmaltz, chili, sichuan pepperorn, herbs, sprouts
Pastrami Steamed Buns
Small Plate
steamed bun, lamb belly pastrami, mustard, hoisin, dill pickle
Braised 'Lions Head' Cabbage Rolls
Small Plate
cabbage, lions head meatballs, 'supreme' sauce
Kung Pao Chicken Livers
Small Plate
chicken livers, peanuts, celery, sichuan spice
Small Plate
assorted pickled vegetables
Chilled Asparagus
Small Plate
steamed asparagus, sesame oil, ginger, scallion, sumac
steamed rice

Kosher....ish (Chinese-Jewish Food)

In-PersonCentral Eastside, Portland
(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)