WOÉZÕ [way-zoh] Comfort - A Gastronomic Togolese Peace Corps Journey

In-PersonBed-Stuy, Brooklyn


Medium (10-15 Guests)
soul food, african
Gluten Free, Local, Organic, Vegan
Chef Mitch cooks up recipes (mostly) learned from cooking for two years with his neighbors in a village in Togo, West Africa. You'll enjoy photos, music, stories, and of course... fabulous food as you celebrate life, schmooze, and laugh. This special night is awarding an additional 15 seats to Achievement First Apollo Middle School scholars who read over 1,000,000 words this school year! The rich and comforting meal is balanced with plenty of nutrients and has a level of spice you decide.

Menu detail

"Bissap" Mocktail
Hibiscus tea, Hudson Valley maple, and lime. Shaken and served on the rocks, garnished with mint.
"Bissap" Cocktail
Hibiscus, maple, lime, vermouth, and gin. Shaken and served on the rocks, garnished with mint.
Box Wine
A cherished gem to Peace Corps volunteers in Togo, some volunteers may not have finished their service without it. Although the box wine in Togo is mediocre at best, WOEZO serves the critically acclaimed.
There's a billboard in Atakpamé, Togo that literally says, "The best Guinness in the world is brewed in Togo." Guinness is the most expensive of all the beers available throughout Togo and always served to honorable guests.
"Yovo" Salad
Small Plate
Mixed greens and 1/2 avocado smothered in roasted sweet corn, red onion, and tender diced beets. Dressed in EVOO and a touch of a sriracha. Garnished with an herb/mircogreen mix. Togolese salad condiments on the table: chilled noodles, mayo, sardines. "Yovo" is what Togolese call foreigners. Although all these ingredients can be found in Togo, it's probably only a Yovo that would plate a street salad like this.
"La Pâte" w/ Ginger Stewed Okra and Onions
"La Pâte" is a sort of West African smooth polenta [not actually polenta, but very similar], served with rich stews. This pâte is served with okra and onions stewed with ginger. Protein options are garlic-sauteed oyster mushrooms (vegan) or stewed beef. The spicier you make it, the prouder you'll make the Togolese. "La Pâte" is a Togolese staple, typically eaten with the right hand. Okra sauces are objectively the most fun of the sauces to eat with your hand. (Eating by hand optional)
"Koliko" White Yam Fries
Small Plate
A ubiquitous Togolese street food, Koliko is white yams, thick cut and fried served with a tomato-based condiment. Different than sweet potato, white yams are heartier without the sweetness. Dip the fries into the cool ginger gazpacho, made from an organic Hudson Valley heirloom tomato puree, ginger, onion, and spices.
Tropical Fruits and Chocolates
A little something sweet to finish the meal. Madecasse "bean to bar in Africa" chocolates and local and tropical fruits.
Johnnie Black
Sip a little Scotch. Johnnie Walker Black is typically served to distinguished guests at Togolese functions.

WOÉZÕ [way-zoh] Comfort - A Gastronomic Togolese Peace Corps Journey

In-PersonBed-Stuy, Brooklyn
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