7-Course Tour Around Asia

In-PersonNob Hill, San Francisco


Banquet (20+ Guests)
Local, Organic
As a kid, I a lot of Asian food while living in the Middle East. My grandmother is Indonesian and my mom owns an Indonesian restaurant, so I grew up in a very diverse food scene . My culinary career has also been focused mostly on Asian cuisines. The dishes on this menu are inspired by Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and China. I'm excited to present these new and unique flavors!

Menu detail

Hamachi Sashimi
Inspired by Japan: hamachi sashimi with San Bai Zu gel, yuzu soy sauce and chili garlic oil.
Small Plate
a selection of some of my sushi creations with local fish. just sit back and enjoy.
Thai Cucumbers
cucumber in a sweet and tangy sauce that's also spicy and garlicky, scallions, thai basil, cilantro and a hint of kaffir lime and ginger.
Black cod
Grilled kelp (seaweed cured) black cod with crispy skin, harissa brown butter, tahini kelp vinegar sauce, tomato coated grilled bread cubes, pita crackers, harissa crispy potato cubes. This dish is a textural and flavor heaven
Coconut lobster
Lobster grilled over over embers and served over a Thai yellow lobster curry sauce, Thai basil and chili oil
Hand-Pulled Biang Biang Noodles
amazingly chewy noodles in scallion, ginger and garlic sauce, sichuan chili oil, cumin and cilantro, served with kombu seaweed vinegar. *Noodles will be pulled on site, please allow extra time for this course.
crab okonomoyaki
Small Plate
crab okonomoyaki with a sweet japanese bbq sauce, spicy mayo, avocado and bonito flakes
french cannelle, with banana and a hint of orange and vanilla bean, served with house made clotted cream and ground pistachio.

7-Course Tour Around Asia

In-PersonNob Hill, San Francisco
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