Holiday Hot Pot: Cambodian Style

In-Person West Oakland, West Oakland


Medium (10-15 Guests)
With holiday season creeping up and cold weather just around the corner. The one meal my sister and I always looked forward to was Cambodian hot pot. The distinct roast garlic smell that filled our home always got our tummy grumbling. Growing up in a Cambodian family we didn't have roasted turkey or stuffing for the holidays. I clearly remember from our holiday dinners everyone helped out from washing the vegetables,to making the meat balls, and throwing the goodies in the hot pot to cook. It has always been a team effort from start to finish. This dish is very dear to my heart and I can't wait to share this home goodness with everyone.

Menu detail

Soup Base
No one really knows how Cambodian Hot Pot was created. It definitely wasn't a traditional meal that was eaten back home. From history we do know during the 1980's. Cambodians fled their homeland to seek refuge in America and other countries because of a genocide. Cambodians had to adapt to their new life. This soup based does still scream out CAMBODIAN because 3 favorite ingredients were still incorporate into making this popular meal that exist in every Cambodian family. Which are lemongrass, coconut cream, and fermented fish.
Hot Pot Spread
Every hot pot differentiate in the different kinds of spread. Spread will be base on what is out there in the market. Vegetables An array of fresh vegetables will be selected depending on season. Assorted Meat Homemade pork meatballs, Tripe, Sliced Beef Miscellaneous Shrimp, fish patty, tofu, quail eggs *Rice and vermicelli noodles will be served with the hot pot.*

Holiday Hot Pot: Cambodian Style

In-Person West Oakland, West Oakland
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