Monti CarloSubscribe for recipes from My Spanglish Kitchen: classic mainland dishes with a Puerto Rican twist!(28)
Los Angeles, CA


Hi! My name's Monti, and I'm a Puerto Rican food TV personality, food writer, and special events chef. I'm all about showing off island-inspired dishes, and classic recipes with Caribbean twists, plus kitchen hacks and tips to help you green up your cooking. You can catch me doing my best not to talk with my mouth full on Netflix, Food Network, Cooking Channel, Tastemade, PBS, FYI, and Gordon Ramsay's YouTube channel. I have an exciting life, but the tippy-top best part is having the privilege of being Danger's mom. They're my non-binary, drag-dressing, twelve-year-old, and my sweet partner in pastry crime. We live in LA with our two pandemic poodles, Dottie and Sophie.