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Portland, OR


I create artistic ice cream experiences with my dessert pop-up, Morgan St Theater. My events pair live performance with an inspired ice cream dessert tasting menu. From puppetry to dance, music to storytelling and live theatre, my desserts are inspired by ideas, aesthetics and of course, what's in season.

I was once an educator and food activist, now a stay-at-home dad and conceptual ice cream artist. MST began in my home dining room during the fall of 2013. Our dining room turned into a 'dessert club' after our daughter fell asleep. The combination of unique ice cream treats and storytelling was more popular than anticipated. MST events are no longer hosted in my house, but around this fantastic home I call Portland.

I am currently a culinary artist-in-residence with the Portland Art Museum. Our ongoing project 'Edible Art History' combines dessert with art history. I was recently featured on OPB Art Beat for this unique process of translating ideas into ice cream. Now, I am excited to bring these unique dessert dining experiences to the Feastly community!