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Portland, OR


Morgan's Menu is a pop-up supperclub founded by Morgan Lee in her efforts to build community around sharing home-cooked meals.

Raised in Maui, Hawaii. Recently moved to Portland after living in San Francisco for 12 years, with brief stints living in London, Sydney and Paris. My cooking is inspired by where I grew up in Hawaii as well as my international travels.

I'm a lawyer who would rather talk about food. Ten years ago, I was attending law school and I found myself resorting to cooking as a form of therapy and relaxation during study breaks. This hobby quickly blossomed into finding various outlets for all the food I was making. I handed out baked mochi to friends and strangers; I started a food blog; I organized themed supper clubs amongst my friends. At one point, I could even be found slinging homemade spam musubi, loco moco and hibiscus tea at underground food markets and people asked me if I was going to quit my day job to pursue selling my homemade SPAM (Nope, but perhaps you can try some at one of my meals!).

In Hawaii, people are exceptionally passionate about food. Rich histories of immigrants coming to the islands from Japan, the Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Korea and China created a melting pot of cuisines. These regional influences plus locally grown produce and ingredients formed a style of 'local food' that is quite unique to Hawaii. Today, what constitutes traditional 'Hawaiian food' that you may find at a luau is quite different from the daily food of Hawaii - the 'local food' that you'll often find at my table. Thus, I cook a variety of cuisines and look forward to sharing some 'onolicious' dishes and recipes that I have collected over the years.

Come on over and let's 'talk stories'. Tell me about the dinner you had in this alley in Lisbon, Portugal. Or your grandfather's favorite cocktail. Or your sisters scone recipe that will end the hunt for all others.

Instagram: @morganmaui #morgansmenu