Japanese Yosenabe Hot Pot Night

In-Person Northwest, Portland


Small (4-10 Guests)
Gluten Free
My sister-in-law, Hiromi, is from Japan and I have learned a lot of wonderful Japanese cooking from her. She is from a small town called Nagai in the Yamagata prefecture, nestled near the Asahi mountains in the northern part of Japan. Hot pot meals are quite popular there in the colder winter months - perfect for Portland right now! Yosenabe is a variety of nabemono (hot pot), in which all of the ingredients are cooked together in a broth in a cast iron (or clay) pot. The meal is cooked right at the table as diners can assemble the ingredients they want to cook in the pot with a special broth. Further ingredients are then successively added to the pot and you can enjoy many rounds of this communal-style meal. There will be two pots - one for meat and one for vegetarian.

Menu detail

Cold Matcha Milk Tea
Homemade milk tea made with matcha green tea and rice milk and lightly sweetened.
Spicy Garlic Edamame
Small Plate
Edamame cooked in a chili garlic sauce.
Assortment of Thinly Sliced Meats & Tofu
Thinly sliced beef & pork and cubes of fresh tofu.
Assortment of Market Vegetables
A bounty of fresh veggies that may typically include napa cabbage, carrot, broccoli, baby bok choy, onion, zucchini, and mushrooms.
Glass Noodles
Special clear noodles made from potato starch. Gluten free.
Hiromi's Nabe Broth
Hiromi's recipe for a delicious vegetarian savory broth made from kombu (kelp), sake, soy, and brown sugar.
Tare Dipping Sauces
Homemade sesame dipping sauce and a spicy chili oil.
Butter Mochi
A chewy Japanese rice cake baked with coconut milk and vanilla. Gluten free.

Japanese Yosenabe Hot Pot Night

In-Person Northwest, Portland
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