The Science of Cooking: More Modernist Techniques

In-PersonSilicon Valley, Los Altos


Large (15-20 Guests)
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Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian
We teach the science of cooking and modernist techniques! We teach you the science behind the techniques and why they work, which will allow you to improvise on your own when you are back at home. Our classes are in our high tech garage kitchen in Los Altos, aka The Gitchen, or at a Feastly location if your group is larger than 12 people. This will be a hands on cooking class and we will sit down to eat at the end. We can accommodate vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians and gluten free.

Menu detail

Sous vide salmon with aerated cucumber and smoked cream sauce
The entree we will make for the class will be salmon cooked sous vide, which keeps it moist and flavorful. It will be paired with a light, aerated sauce that we will make. The sauce will be made from cucumber juice, smoked cream and lime. As garnishes for the fish, we will also make quick pickles and takii bread crumbs. You will learn about cooking sous vide, how to make foams, how to use a smoking gun, and do quick pickling.
Sous vide steak
One of the best uses of sous vide cooking is making steak. It's an expensive cut of meat, and one of the clearest and simplest ways to demonstrate the power of sous vide cooking!
Moldable chocolate coconut cream, fruit fluid gels, mint powder, and chocolate "soil"
For our dessert, we will start with making a chocolate coconut cream that is moldable and shapeable, so that you get the chance to let your artistry shine through in the plating of your modernist dessert. To accompany the chocolate, we will make raspberry fluid gel, a powder made from mint oil, chocolate crumble that resembles soil, and meringue. You will learn to use hydrocolloids, make powders from fats, and dehydration.

The Science of Cooking: More Modernist Techniques

In-PersonSilicon Valley, Los Altos
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