Mya Zeronis
Pittsburgh, PA


Previously in DC and now in Pittsburgh, Chef Mya Zeronis has a background in globally-inspired and locally-sourced contemporary American cuisine, and was praised by Pittsburgh Magazine and Muddy Melissa blog. Her vegan-friendly Around The World Pop-Up Dinner Series scored a chef profile in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and write-up by Pop City. She won top prizes in 9 recipe contests opened to professional chefs in 2012. Her grand-prize-winning recipe was published in Taste of Home Magazine in October 2012. Because of her style of cooking, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called her a citizen of the world. She runs a raw, cold-pressed juice, superfood & artisan grocery business ( and vends at multiple farmers market sites.

In her own words:
I'm a three-time DC restaurant executive chef who made a choice to strike out on her own to hustle as a progressive personal chef/ offbeat caterer. With 12 years of experience, my specialties range from modernizing a classic American dish to marrying flavors of the world's cuisines into my own style of cooking. One of my signature creations, Kobe Burger with Peach Ketchup and Fried Pickle Chips, was called 'first-rate' by The Washington Times and 'killer burger' by The Washington Post. Several of my recipes took top places in contests in the past few months. The grand-prize-winning recipe, Five-Cheese Macaroni with Crispy Prosciutto Bits, will be published in Taste of Home Magazine's October/ November issue.

I came to the United States to study journalism because I aspired to be a foreign correspondent. I fell in love.....with culinary art! After junior year in college with recognition in the Dean's List and internship lined up with a major newspaper, I walked away from the get-a-degree-get-a-job beaten path.

I joined largely male-dominated restaurant kitchens to ultimately earn respect of the good guys and put the discomposed boys back in their place. Moving up through the ranks, I paid my dues working with a French-technique-focused, old-school chef at a Washingtonian's top 20 best restaurant. I now enjoy the freedom to explore the world's cuisines and share unpretentious, scrumptious and healthy meals made using local and organic ingredients. After all, I started cooking at age 11 and grew up close to the source of food in Burma.

In my teen years, I helped my working parents humanely raise hormone-free, antibiotic-free chickens and ducks that freely roamed around on half-acre land. My happy childhood memories include picking organic (wouldn't have it any other way) guavas, mangoes, papayas and cherimoyas ripen on the trees in the yard, as well as cracking open coconuts and removing 100 and so pulps of a giant jackfruit.