The British Canteen - Winter meal

In-Person Mission, San Francisco


Large (15-20 Guests)
A time of year where British food and culture excels it self with warming starters, stews and desserts. Everything about this is going to make you feel like you were just given the biggest best cuddle.

Menu detail

Welsh rarebit with baked vine tomatoes
Small Plate
A welsh rarebit is at it's heart a regional take on cheese on toast - but it's so much more than JUST cheese on toast. Think cheesy hoppy sauce poured over lush locally baked toast with on the vine tomatoes baked in the oven until bursting.
Oxtail and spiced beetroot stew
This stew is a 3 day process of marinading, resting slow cooking and stewing. It's well worth every step to create such a lush and rich flavor. Served with Horseradish mashed potato to cut through and compliment the flavors of the stew.
Earl grey creme brûlée with fresh figs
A classic creme brûlée made with Earl Grey steeped cream. crispy sugar shell and sliced fresh figs to compliment.

The British Canteen - Winter meal

In-Person Mission, San Francisco
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