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Nakeyshia KendallNEW MAKER!

San Francisco, CA


I began cooking at a very young age and learned West Indian specialties, like curry chicken and fried fish from my mother, who was born in Guyana. When I went to college, I met new friends and learned to cook their favorite foods, like corn bread and pasta. Every city I live in, I collect new friends and experiences with food. I love the way that food is representative of different cultures and has the power to bring people together. Living in California has spoiled me though; I have trouble eating food that does use ingredients as fresh as we are used to in the Bay area. Fresh, well seasoned ingredients served in an inviting atmosphere best describes what I am to achieve in any meal that I share. I am just as comfortable in a high-end restaurant as I am in a hole-in-the-wall. I just like eating what tastes good so that is what I aspire to create in my own kitchen.