Semige Special, 6-course Vegetarian only brunch

In-PersonMission, San Francisco


Pop-up space
This is an alcohol-free event
Large (15-20 Guests)
Semige, Shavige, Noolputtu and Idiyappam are different names given to string hoppers, a delicacy relished across the Indian states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and also in Malaysia and Sri Lanka. This 6-course meal, consisting exclusively of semige, gives the guests a glimpse of how the otherwise-bland rice string hoppers can be transformed into different and uniquely flavored food items.

Menu detail

Masala Chai
Flavorful tea made with milk brewed with Indian tea powder, crushed ginger, cardamom, and sugar. Can be made sugar-free upon request.
Semige with Pulikajipu
Steamed rice batter is removed from the cooker and immediately transferred into a special device. Rotating its handle pushes the rice ball through a sieve, forming noodles (Semige) in the process. Pulikajipu (from Puli-meaning sour, and kajipu-meaning dish) is a yogurt-based side dish, consisting of chopped squash stewed in a paste of spices and yogurt. Pulikajipu with semige is a classic combination!
Semige chitranna
Chitranna is a dish prepared across Karnataka, and in parts of other Southern states of India. There are several varieties of chitranna, differing in taste based on the masala that is added to it. In Udupi, Semige chitranna is very popular! This tangy, spicy dish is garnished with curry leaves and groundnuts. *Can be made without groundnuts for those with nut-allergy. Contact me when purchasing tickets.
Semige Pulao
Who doesn't enjoy a hot plate of pulao? We take it a notch higher by mixing homemade pulao masala with freshly-steamed string hoppers.The right blend of spices and vegetables added to the rice noodles brings an explosion of flavors to this exotic dish.
Bakala baath and Pickled semige
Small Plate
Bakala-baath is semige mixed with yogurt that has been seasoned with mustard seeds, lentils, curry leaves, salt, chilles, asafoetida, and grated ginger. This is served along with semige that has been mixed with a spicy Indian pickle with a touch of coconut oil added to it.
Rasayana (from Rasa, meaning juice), is usually made with bananas or with mangoes and is the perfect accompaniment to semige. Those of us hailing from Udupi always mix semige with rasayana (a sweet dish usually served as dessert), and in typical Udupi households, no semige meal is considered complete without this dish. I will be serving rasayana for dessert, and for those brave enough to try a dessert with semige, I will serve a small amount of semige mixed with the rasayana for tasting.

Semige Special, 6-course Vegetarian only brunch

In-PersonMission, San Francisco
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