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Nate Parish and Clay Danielsen(13)
San Francisco, CA


Clay and Nate began their culinary journeys separately. Clay cut his teeth in the kitchen at acclaimed San Francisco restaurant Bix before starting his own catering company. Nate joined Clay in the catering world in the last couple years. Clay brings restaurant attention to detail when planning and executing dishes, and loves to practice his refinement especially when using fresh, simple ingredients. The versatility of flavors, and creating experiences with food that are new to the eater are what drives Clay and Nate to be better chefs. While Clay was working in restaurants, Nate was busy in his home kitchen perfecting his pizza, pasta, and bread doughs, and learning how to create delicious dishes over an open fire. Both Chefs are devoted to creating once in a life time experience for their diners, and hope the enjoyment that they feel cooking comes across in their dishes.