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Ned ElliottNEW MAKER!

Austin, TX


Ned Elliott was the founder at critically acclaimed Austin restaurant Foreign & Domestic, which opened its doors in 2010. But his story begins in his childhood hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. He grew up gardening in a home where food played an integral role in daily life. Ned was raised by two women, his mothers Sandra and Linda, who shared their love of gardening, cooking and baking with him. Both taught him that life should be about continuous learning, an idea that eventually propelled Ned into culinary school. In 2013, Foreign & Domestic hosted the first Indie Chefs Week, bringing in over 20 chefs to cook together and learn from each other. The event was successful for both attending chefs and guests, and he made plans not only to host the event each year, but to expand to other cities and reach out to more chefs. He is busy recruiting chefs for upcoming Indie Chefs events.