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Nico De LeonNEW MAKER!

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Nico de Leon's professional career started in 2009. He has been involved with pop-ups and the opening of restaurants throughout his expanding career, beginning with the opening of Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel Air. Here he learned the beauty and importance of seasonality and farm-to-table cooking. Nico then spent time at Commonwealth (Jason Fox's revered San Francisco eatery), the long running neighborhood restaurant Blue Plate (helmed by Sean Thomas), and was on the opening team for Black Sands. During his time in SF, Nico met Chad and was asked to be a part of the LASA family as sous chef. He relocated back to Los Angeles, joined Ria Barbosa and Matt Wilson at their WILD residency in Canelé, and helped the progressive-Filipino pop-up Irenia Supper Club in Orange County all while being involved with the LASA Restaurant Project since the first dinner in 2013.