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Nico de SotoNEW MAKER!

New York, NY


Nico de Soto has visited 85 countries and worked in 31 of them. Parisian born and raised, he has made a lasting impression on the cocktail community around the world. He first began bartending in Paris in 2005 where he was trained in the art of classic cocktails. In 2007, he moved to Australia and began work in Melbourne, where he spent a year crafting libations. He then returned to Paris, working in China Club and became bar manager at Mama Shelter before joining Paris’s most respected cocktail bars, the Experimental Cocktail Club and Curio Parlor. In 2010 he joined the opening teams at Dram and PKNY in New York and then became the head mixologist of the Experimental Group, opening back to back the very successful Experimental Cocktail Club in London and New York. In 2015, he opened his first cocktail bar Mace in East Village. In 2016, he opened in Paris Danico, his new bar inside the Galerie Vivienne. His approach of drinks is inspired by travels and cuisine, always trying to get new flavors, combinations and techniques.